Reaper of Souls

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♀ ♀, New York, USA. My name is FabulousReaper! Why? Because I will eat your soul and look fabulous while doing it! I'm insane, but I practice it quietly. I write fanfictions and sometimes I feel like I'm really mean to them because my happy endings have to be dug up from feels. I have a very sick and twisted mind but if I like you I'll spare you of the nasty stuff. I believe you should have as many allies as possible so they don't stab you when you're not looking. Also it's good to have a big army. I am a die-hard Sherlockian and ship Johnlock like there's no tomorrow! I prefer BL and GL over straight couples because lets face it Adam and Steve had more fun. I also love to watch chaos and pandemonium to occur but I'm usually never part of it. I'm like a bookman in that area, I just watch and record what happens but I never interfere. I guess I'm just weird like that.
Recently the anime "Danga Ranpa" has kinda-sorta ruin my life and made me ship Ishimondo so fucking hard. Also I can no longer each butter because if I even look at it I can hear Ishimaru screaming and crying and Ishimaru is my baby.
Due to some unfortunate events involving a certain anime I have been writing a lot of depressing poetry, but nothing to get worried about. Apparently the Avengers character I am mostly like is Hawkeye so, uh caw caw mother fuckers. I am also a fan of the Telltale games The Wolf Among Us (TWAU) and The Walking Dead (TWDG) so if you blog either of those hit me up. Not to mention that Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has officially RUINED MY LIFE!!!! I am also a die hard Red vs Blue (RvB) fan and will probably be experiencing feelings at the begining of the week every week for a long time, so bear with me. Also I should probably say that TFIOS is the last straight white people romance I will tolerate from here on out. Straight white people romances are dull as fuck. Hey Hollywood, you know what's an original idea? LGBTQIA POC, and actually acknowledging that bisexuals exist without making them oober sluts. Thank you and goodnight.